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COVID-19 Employer Resources

From corporate offices to remote offices, our specialists are continuing to work for our Oklahoma community. We know this is a challenging time for employers of all sizes. We have assembled these resources to help you navigate the path of COVID-19 resources for you and your employees.

As resources, rules, and information regularly change as we learn more about COVID-19, some of our resources here may become outdated. We will try to update this page as timely as possible.


Customized Resources

Payroll and bookkeeping can be confusing, now more than ever. We have the team, the resources, and the skills to help your business succeed during this uncertain time. Contact The Springer Company today at (405) 753-0729 or send us an email to discuss your business' needs.


COVID-19 General Office Resources

Remember to check with your community or county as they may have requirements for signage, masks, hours of operation, and more.

We recognize that there are many places to get signage for your business to help your employees and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are linking to free resources here. We support your decision to print signage or purchasing signage.


COVID-19 General Payroll Resources


Resources for Nonprofits


Resources for Businesses


Remember to take care of your employees. They are your first line of defense now more than ever. Small gestures of thanks – hand-written notes, a small plant, buying their lunch – can truly add that extra special touch during these chaotic times.

Finally, remember to take care of yourself! (And wash your hands.)

General Disclaimer: The Springer Company is not responsible for the information contained on third-party websites. We are not affiliated with these companies, nor do we receive any compensation from them in any way.



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