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Know Your Rights - A New Required Labor Law Poster

If you have one or more employees, then this article is a must read!

On October 19th, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission released a new federal employment law poster - "Know Your Rights."

This new poster replaces the previous poster "EEO Is the Law" while still providing information to employees or applicants information on federal employment laws. The new poster even includes a QR code to allow quick access to the EEOC website. This updated version should be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees have access, and it should be displayed alongside other federal and state labor law posters.

If you have a consolidated employment law poster display in your office, we recommend contacting your poster provider immediately to order an updated version. If you do not have a consolidated poster on display and would like to purchase one of these space-saving display options, we currently recommend the state specific set from Labor Law Center (non-affiliate link).

Please note that all required federal and state labor law posters are always available for free from the issuing agencies. Space-saving or consolidated poster displays are convenient options for employers. Federal and state agencies will never contact you about purchasing the required labor law employment posters.


Legal Disclaimer: This post contains general information for taxpayers and should not be relied upon as the only source of authority. Taxpayers should seek professional tax advice for more information. This information was current at time of posting; we are not responsible for updating this or any blog post/article for subsequent changes in the law or its interpretation.


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